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Class Descriptions:

Yoga Classes:

All Yogamatters Yoga classes focus on body alignment, which allows the body to develop harmoniously in an anatomically correct way. As all bodies are different and people have different weaknesses and strengths, the use of props can help the body into the correct alignment. Props, such as, blocks, chairs, blankets, belts, wall, ropes, can assist in adjusting and supporting oneself in the different postures.

An added benefit is that correct anatomical alignment often result in eliminating aches and pains, improve posture, improve digestion, improve sleep, etc. The postures are held for a longer lengths of time to let the effects of the poses penetrate deeper within the individual.

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YOGAMOTION is a twist on the our traditional yoga class; Yoga-in-motion utilizing the vital movement and alignment principals taught in YOGAMATTERS’ yoga classes. The focus is towards utilizing yoga actions in all of our motions, as we begin to move from stillness into action. Utilizing the key actions from Tadasana (Mountain pose), as well as I Utkatasana (Chair pose) to prefect squats, Virabhadrasana (Warrior pose) to master lunges and other poses to bring functional abilities off of your mat into your everyday living! The classes are performed to fun music using a combination of stepping, kickboxing, traditional low impact aerobics, hula hoops and light weights. This class will accelerating your heart rate, while continuing to provide safety and health for your body, classes are 60 minutes.


Mondays 5:15pm

Thursday 5:15pm

Saturday 8am

Yoga Wall - Ropes

While practicing traditional yoga poses, the use of the ropewall will encourage and enable students to become more and more aware of their body alignment. The ropes will also begin to teach where the body needs extra support and help to open areas of the body that are more difficult to reach. This class is suitable for all levels, as the ropes are there to assist any restrictions, or limitations.

 Bhoga Classes

Bhoga Classes:

At first glance, the Bhoga Bench is a beautifully crafted, contemporary eco-friendly bench and footstool. Sturdy and attractive. Upon further investigation, the Bhoga Bench is a powerful blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary design. Every surface line and curve, every angle and contour 

invites touch and exploration. Designed to encourage and support your Yoga practice!

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