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Photo Gallery

India, 2014 India, 2014 India Pushed our way into a photo with Abhijata Iyengar, (Iyengars Grandaughter, and queen to the throne:-) 203682142 India Enjoying friends between sessions 203682143 India Second times a charm:-) 203682144 India Waiting for Geeta to arrive 203682145 India Geeta is in the house:-) 203682146 India another photo op:-) Birjoo H Mehta 203682147 India At the Institute (RiMYI) 203682148 India Inside the Institute, Iyengars Office 203682149 India Geeta Iyengar 203682150 India Iyengar Institute 203682151 India Inside the Practice Room 203682152 India Practice Room 203682153 India Iyengars Stage:-) 203682154 India Look at the size of that Rope! 203682155 India Yup, up on the stage 203682156 India Jenifer's turn 203682157 India Institute 203682158 India In the practice room, magically 203682159 India At the very top, on the roof of the institute 203682160 India in the garden at the institute 203682161 india On the outside walls of the institute 203682162 India more art 203682163 India again, entrance to the Institute 203682164 India Roaming around India 203682183