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All of our Classes here at YogaMatters are designed with you in mind, improving posture and realign the skeletal structure - thus, creating balance and comfort in your body! From Thai Massage, Workshops, Private Sessions, High School Sports Teams, Etc. You Can find YogaMatters at our safe, peaceful environment, as well as, INTERACTIVE online classes. Are you looking to join our Teacher Training Program? Are you searching for a safe haven in which to begin or continue your yoga practice? Not a problem. We continuing to provide careful individual attention in a small, intimate class setting! Busy schedule? Here at YogaMatters, we offer a plethora of solutions for busy parents, athletes, business owners and senior citizens, and much more! Anyone with a body can do yoga! Interested in our locations? Wanting to join us online? What are you waiting for? GIVE US A CALL 


  • All mats are a minimum of 8 feet away
  • 15 feet or more from the instructor
  • Your mat and props are set when you arrive
  • Each mat has it own bottle of disinfect wipes (leave your dirting wipe on your mat, the instructor will dispose of them after everyone leaves the studio.
  • Can only enter building/studio one at a time
  • HandsFREE disinfectant dispenser before entering studio ( the instructor is standing there, making sure this is done)
  • Bolsters and straps are removed off the floor and disinfected after every class. A new set will be set up. (the bolster can only be used every 24 - 26 hours)
  • Bathroom completely touchless! (sink, soap dispenser, papertowel
  • All doors will be left open, accept the bathroom, of course:-)
  • Our building is completely ductless. We heat with a gas stove, A/C is a split unit
  • The whole studio is Lysol-ed after every Class
  • No stopping to check in. Our instructors will take care of that for you

cATHIE rYDER, E-ryt (500) 


Plaistow Yoga Studio

207 Main St.

Plaistow Schedule